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i run my fingers through my own hair and i grab my own ass

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sexhaver:scientists could scour the arctic for decades and never find anything colder than this
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Beyonce makes me wanna go get ready for no reason

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Stuck between wanting rough sex and sweet sensual cuddles. (via v-ogued)

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More good vibes here
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I think,
along the way
I broke my own heart.
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And then suddenly I become sad for no reason, and it takes me days to get over that feeling. (via melisica)

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Mr. and Mrs. West!

one of the greatest moments in television history.
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And while youโ€™re off fucking your new girlfriend, the ditzy stoner with a bad dye job. I hope memories of me hit you like a train. I hope you remember that I was the one that talked to you all night when your mom yelled too loud and made you feel like nothing and that it was me that held you in my arms on the days where all you wanted was to be dead to the world. I hope you remember when we made mac and cheese in our underwear and that you kissed me while I was sitting on the kitchen counter. I hope you remember the nights when we stayed home instead of going to a stupid party and made love until the sun came up and how we laid together naked too tired to move and how our bodies fit each otherโ€™s perfectly. I hope you remember that I was the one who sat through those cheesy love movies with you just to make you smile and that I was the one who listened to you rant on and on about how much of an asshole your dad was. I hope you remember that I was the one that tried to convince you to quit smoking cigarettes because I wanted you stay alive with me as long as you could and that I was the one that always accepted your dumb apologies. I hope you remember that it was always me. You know it was. I hope you know that it was always you too. I hope you remember that I loved all of you. I hope you know it was exhausting. But above all, I hope youโ€™re happy. (Just so you know)

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